Wayfinding strategy and design

We help businesses make their environments easy to navigate places for people.

We are multidisciplinary wayfinding designers

We help businesses to transform environments into easy to navigate places

Wayfinding Studio


We develop unique experiences, wayfinding and simple solutions for a complex world. Bringing together the physical and digital world, to show relevant information focused on the user.


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Wayfinding is a design profession that requires multidisciplinary skills ranging from psychology, the study of human behavior, research in the built environment to strategy and design.

Tools and Assets

Professional design tools

Our Online Learning Platform includes online courses, assets and tools. From beginners to experienced designers we have got the design tools to help you to create wayfinding.

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Wayfinding studio

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Professional design tools

Tools, assets and courses about wayfinding

Arrow Pro Asset Toolkit

Symbol Sign Arrow Library for Adobe Suite

$79,- Introduction price

  • 448+ Arrows Symbol Library for Adobe Illustrator
  • 44+ Pages PDF Manual
  • SVG + OTF (OpenType Font) Files included

Light Reflectance Value Contrast Calculator

Color contrast tool for Adobe Illustrator

$129,- Available soon

  • Adobe Illustrator® and Indesign® CC Extension Tool
  • Calculate Contrast Light Reflective Values
  • 30+ Pages PDF Manual

Covid-19 Wayfinding Toolkit


Free Toolkit

  • Child-daycare and schools
  • Wayfinding Toolkit
  • This toolkit is in Dutch only

Arrow Poster

Where to place the Arrow

€49,- Ships worldwide

  • Giclee print
  • Size A2
  • Where to place the Arrow

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is wayfinding?

Wayfinding is a design strategy which makes the built environment easy to navigate places. Show to right information at the right time, focused on the user.

What is signage?

Signage is a physical or digital element which shows wayfinding information or a map. Multiple signs creates an information network for people to understand and navigate places, building or area.

What is a wayfinding map?

A wayfinding map is a visual representation of a place or an area. The map shows relevant information of the place for people to orientate, navigatie or to discover an area.

What is wayfinding user research?

Wayfinding user research is to understand the needs and requirements of a user in relation to a place, building or area. The findings of the research are used to develop a wayfinding strategy.

Moving forward

/designworkplan is a learning platform and wayfinding studio. We are creative design professionals that teach and speak everything wayfinding related.

  • Multidisciplinary minds
  • 15+ yrs experience in wayfinding
  • Learning platform
  • Tools, assets and wayfinding courses
  • Wayfinding studio