Our approach to wayfinding strategy is based on research, design principles and focused on the end-user.


We develop unique wayfinding experiences and simple solutions for a complex world. Bringing together the physical and digital world, to show relevant information focused on the user.

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We are trusted partners for clients in healthcare, universitites and city wayfinding.

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Interconnect Roermond

Developing a holistic pedestrian wayfinding system to connect public transport and the city of Roermond.

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Basic principles of wayfinding

What is wayfinding? How does orientation and navigation works? Learn all about wayfinding in this article.

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The company story

Sander Baumann started in 2008 writing about his newly found passions on the blog designworkplan. Topics ranging from wayfinding, typography, design, human interaction and cognitive behaviour. After a few dozen posts the blog got picked up by big outlets. As a result Sander Baumann was asked to join board of directors at SEGD, organized many conferences and connected with the wayfinding industry. One thing let to another and from mid 2013 the wayfinding design studio /designworkplan is open for business.

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We work in multidisciplinary teams, teach and speak everything wayfinding related. See our work, learn more at our blog and see our services what you can hire us for.