A legible unique pedestrian wayfinding system for the city of Assen.

Wayfinding framework render Assen


Assen is a city in Drente which is known for TT Circuit Assen, cultural events and diversity in shopping and leisure. The city center is connected through squares and recently the Koopmansplein is completely renovated.

Assen has many daily visitors who visit the city by public transport. We did extensive field research together with the municipality and cultural institutions and recommended a new wayfinding system.


Assen can be seen as a walkable city, site visiting all the cultural institutions and wandering around. The wayfinding system consists the of the following elements

  • An adaptive wayfinding system
  • Clear and concise information
  • The map design should include orientation, navigation and discovery
  • Solid materials such as glass, stone and steel
  • Historical information

User research

A great wayfinding system is from the people for the people. We did extensive user-research on site using prototype versions of the design. At each step of the proces the design is refined and brought to the next level.

Wayfinding city wide Assen

City wayfinding

The city wayfinding has the primary focus of delivering world class information. The information on the map is carefully selected and shows you where you are and where you can go.

Digital connection

Each wayfinding element has a QR code that can be scanned. The link takes you to digital platform that shows you everything happening right now in Assen. It also features a link to upcoming events and more.