Houten City Centre

A wayfinding system for the cultural and commercial city centre of Houten.

Pedestrian city wayfinding

The city centre of Houten has a large commercial shopping area and is connected by public transport, bike and car. The main shopping area is for pedestrians and cyclists only. We have developed a holistic approach for identification, parking and walking around the city centre. Key features of the wayfinding are a map-based orientation and navigation products.

Find your shop or wonder around

The maps are rotated heads-up throughout the city centre, this allows for easy and quick understanding of your surroundings. The map products are provided with a shopping list, area finders and key cultural destinations in the city. The intuitive map design allows for a quick shop finder or wondering around and finding nice places.

Product design

The wayfinding product design fits into the city centre without conflicting with the shops and advertising. A clear and cohesive wayfinding system for find your way around in Houten.