Multidisciplinary designers creating experiences and user-focused wayfinding.

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We connect people to places through information.

Our approach is to seek and improve peoples understanding and experience of the built environment through the implementation of seamless journey experience, identity, urban design and wayfinding.

Our approach


Understanding the user

Wayfinding research is a review of user needs in relation to information and places. Our research is a clear understanding of issues and opportunities to show people the way and create easy to navigate places.


Problem solving

Wayfinding strategy is a problem solving step towards creating information systems and networks connection people to places and information


Creating meaningful experiences

Wayfinding design consists of creating a toolset of sign-products to support the wayfinding strategy. Make ideas work. A clear and concise wayfinding system that stands out in the built-environment providing user-focused information.

What is wayfinding

Navigating through hospitals can be a challenging task and stressful experience for patients, visitors, and even staff. With the increasing complexity of hospital layouts and diverse user needs, there is a growing demand for effective and accessible wayfinding solutions.

Wayfinding is a multidisciplinary design profession, combining cognitive behavior, information design, and user experience. It enhances the process of finding your way to a destination in a familiar or unfamiliar setting by using cues from the environment.

The goal of wayfinding is to create a unique and seamless journey by showing the right information at the right time. A comprehensive and bespoke wayfinding system where patients and visitors can orientate, navigate, and locate destinations in a building or environment.

Design for today and plan for the Future

Our vision for wayfinding is an integrated information platform to create an on-demand and personalized user experience. Our approach is to seek and improve people's understanding of the built environment through the implementation of identity, urban design, and wayfinding.

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Moving forward

We develop unique experiences and simple solutions for a complex world. Bringing together the physical and digital world, to show relevant information focused on the user. Through research we develop user-centered designs for people to understand the world around them.

Our goal is to help companies and organizations understand, design, and deliver user and customer experiences that exceed people’s expectations with expertise in the latest technologies.

Wayfinding Vision

Introducing the term: Wayfinding as a Service. Wayfinding as a Service integrates information tools for people to enable to locate, interpret and navigate places.

A platform independent wayfinding system from signs, print to digital experiences to create a seamless journey experience. This approach enables a shift towards to a more on-demand and personalized service. Using proven technologies and services to deliver the next generation wayfinding information systems.


Collaboration is key to the success of this approach. Build capability to share system resources to ensure accurate and consistent messages throughout the touchpoints of the user-journey.

Test, prototype, fail and succeed the wayfinding strategies to enable a feasable concept to come alive in the built environment.


A clear visual language, graphic standards, and maps that can be universally understood (design for all concept). Inclusive wayfinding should inform all type of users to enable safe routes and opportunities to discover.

Progressive disclosure

Show only what is needed and remove excessive information. Provide consistent information across all media and reveal options along the journey stages.


Our approach is to seek and improve peoples understanding and experience of the built environment through the implementation of seamless journey experience, identity, urban design and wayfinding.

  1. People first — User-centered information tools
  2. Integrated approach — Co-plan, co-design, co-deliver
  3. Vision and research — Solving wayfinding problems
  4. Of the place for the place — A unique experience
  5. Seamless — Extendable and flexibility
  6. Build design resources — Ensure legacy
  7. Invest once and wisely — High quality delivers a ROI


/designworkplan was born out of curiosity and love for creating experiences through design. The passion from our founder Sander Baumann is design-work-plan.

Every design needs a great plan and hard work to succeed.

Sander Baumann at designworkplan wayfinding studio

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is multidisciplinary wayfinding design?

Wayfinding is a multidisciplinary profession combining psychology, spatial- and information design, and graphic design.

What is wayfinding as a service (WaaS)?

Wayfinding as a service is an holistic approach to information design, combining both physical and digital information for a full user-first experience.

What is a wayfinding approach?

Wayfinding approach is putting the user at the front seat. Delivering world class information, from the place for the place.


We are creative design professionals that teach and speak everything wayfinding related.

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