Building ideas

Our approach to wayfinding strategy is based on research, design principles and focused on the end-user.

What we do

We develop unique experiences and simple solutions for a complex world. Bringing together the physical and digital world, to show relevant information focused on the user. Through research we develop user-centered designs for people to understand the world around them.

Our goal is to help companies and organizations understand, design, and deliver user and customer experiences that exceed people’s expectations with expertise in the latest technologies.

User first approach

Our wayfinding approach is based on connecting people with the environment through information.

  1. User-centered, show only relevant information
  2. Holistic approach, mapping the complete customer journey
  3. Strategy and vision, connecting physical and digital worlds
  4. Seamless experience, connecting the nodes throughout the journey
  5. Design tools, shared information architecture and visual tools
  6. Invest wisely, quality standards delivers a ROI

Our wayfinding and information design approach connects people, places and movement. Showing the right message at the right time, user focused.

Wayfinding services

We work in multidisciplinary teams, teach and speak about everything wayfinding related;

1. Research

Wayfinding research is a review of user needs in relation to information and places. Our research is a clear understanding of issues and opportunities to show people the way.

2. Strategy

Wayfinding strategy is based on creating information systems and networks connection people to places and information.

3. Planning

Sign-location planning is an overview of details in a wayfinding project. We use data driven sign-management tools to maximize accuracy and efficiency for managing large and complex wayfinding systems.

4. Design

Wayfinding design consists of creating a toolset of sign-products to support the wayfinding strategy. Make ideas work. A clear and concise wayfinding system that stands out in the built-environment providing user-focused information.

We work in multidisciplinary teams, teach and speak everything wayfinding related. See our work, learn more at our blog and see our services what you can hire us for.