Arrow Pro Collection

Soon available: The ultimate Arrow Collection of 448 symbol signs

Arrow Pro Collection

We’ve been working on professional wayfinding tools and services to add to our website for months and finally are about to release our first toolkit. This is an update on the upcoming launch of a new digital wayfinding product.

Arrow Pro

Our new digital release will be a huge collection of arrows. Yes, you read it. This will be only about wayfinding arrows! We love arrows and arrows are a crucial part of any wayfinding design. The toolkit includes arrows in 4 styles, in any given direction and 4 weights from light to bold.

Designing toolkit as the The Arrow Pro is a huge amount of work. And the best part of the toolkit is the manual on how to use arrows in wayfinding design.

Our free arrow collection have been on our website for many years and have been downloaded over 1 million(!) times to date. This toolkit is a follow-up on that success.

Over the years we have designed many arrows icons and this toolkit combined this all in one design solution.

The Arrow Pro is the first in a line of professional wayfinding products and servies to be added over the coming months.

Arrow Pro

The Arrow Pro is a toolkit that contains over 448 arrow icons, divided into 4 types each style contains all directions needed. All comes in 4 different styles from light to bold. The icons are supplied as Symbol Sign files to directly work in Adobe Illustrator. Just drag and drop and you’re good to go. Our main goal with the toolkit is professional design, consistency and ease of use.

The included manual is where the magic shines. A complete guide on how to use and implement arrows into wayfinding design.

So when is it coming out?

We are working hard to finalize all the details and get it ready for launch in the next couple of weeks.

Will it be free?

This will be part of a line of professional wayfinding products and services and is not free. Pricing for this toolkit is yet to be determined but the current arrow collection will be free forever on our website.

Thanks for following along on this journey. As soon as the toolkit is ready for launch we will let you know.

We can’t wait to share the toolkit with you.


Download the Arrow Pro Asset Toolkit today!