TU/e Eindhoven

Holistic approach in wayfinding for Hollands top technical university, TU/e.

Wayfinding TU/e

Research showed the need for a new wayfinding system. An information network that connects people, buildings and environments.

Key recommendations:

  • A holistic approach in wayfinding, designing information systems for static and digital wayfinding tools
  • Increase accessibility, flow and of the campus and connect people and buildings
  • Sign framework tools for vehicle, bike and pedestrians
  • A design for all concept that adapts to the architecture

We have designed a complete toolset of wayfinding signs that suits the need of the user and adapts to the environment. Based on the grid structure of the campus and human scales, the signs are meant for finding your way around the campus.


In our strategy consult a inconsistency in building numbers was found. We proposed a new numbering system throughout the campus for all buildings to increase flow. This has resulted in a clear structure and plays a role in the cognitive behavior of showing the right information at the right time.

Holistic approach

Throughout the customer journey the wayfinding system shows the required information. From automated parking system, directional biking information to pedestrian wayfinding.