Digital city wayfinding

A city digital pedestrian wayfinding system for the city of Tilburg.

Digital city wayfinding

For the city of Tilburg we have developed a city wide wayfinding system focused on navigation and orientation. Throughout the city of Tilburg the wayfinding products navigates towards key destinations, shows upcoming events and gives a detailed map of the surroundings. Key feature of the wayfinding system is the digital element.

The right message at the right time

Specific information boards are designed to show dynamic information about the surroundings and upcoming events in the city. Each dynamic board plays a part in showing information based on time and day of the week. For example; the wayfinding system shows directional information based on events in the city. Guiding people to specific places and providing in real-time information about whats happening in the city at any given moment.

Future of digital wayfinding

The dynamic digital wayfinding shows real-time directional information focused on the user. The system is a legible information network throughout the city with complete control about the information shared on the wayfinding products.