Spaarne Gasthuis

Comprehensive wayfinding system for hospital and healthcare facility Spaarne Gasthuis

Spaarne Gasthuis

The project "Wijs op Weg" has started to improve the wayfinding for the Spaarne Gasthuis Hoofddorp. In the renewed wayfinding the patient is central so that he or she can easily find his or her way around the buildings of Spaarne Gasthuis Hoofddorp. The wayfinding consists of dynamic and static signs.

User research

User research, a deep dive into patient analysis. The research is a representation of users in relation to information, movement and search behavior. The research is to clarify at which point during the customer journey users/visitors need information for their step in the wayfinding process.

The wayfinding proces includes the following elements for a holistic approach;

  • Pre call-up letter/information about the upcoming appointment
  • Towards hospital by public transport/vehicle
  • Arriving at the hospital, parking and entrance identification
  • Orientation and navigate towards destination
  • Possibly next/other appointment
  • Towards exit/facilities such as restaurant
  • To home
Mental map for Spaarne Gasthuis wayfinding scheme

Mental map

Extensive patient research showed a mental model of the hospital. This is the start of the strategy for the wayfinding. Focused around rising points in combination with letters. A easy to understand and remember routing following.


The wayfinding element consist of dynamic and static products working together. The wayfinding includes the following elements

  • Dynamic wayfinding screens throughout the central areas and rising points
  • Static wayfinding to accommodate the dynamic signs
  • Directional and identification signs for reassurance the patient is on the way
Static wayfinding examples for Spaarne Gasthuis

Wayfinding tools

We have developed a sign and wayfinding toolbox for Spaarne Gasthuis. The toolbox describes guidelines and visual language for wayfinding. The wayfinding will be implemented for all departments and buildings of Spaarne Gasthuis.