Lesbos wayfinding

A non-for-profit project for the refugee camp at Lesbos. We developed wayfinding for people to find their way in the camps.

Render of sign design for Lesbos Refugee Camp Wayfinding

Because We Carry

Because We Carry acts according the saying ‘less talk, more action’. On Lesvos, rotating teams of volunteers act to alleviate the ongoing human suffering of people arriving on their way to a safe haven.

Consider supporting visit the website Because We Carry.

Refugee camps

The refugee people in the camps range from young to old and come from different countries and backgrounds. After a long and harsh journey they try to seek a better life and awaiting the entry to the European Union.

The refugee camps are large and the housing tents have all a similar color. Due the large amount of tents and wide spread area, people tend to loose their way. Especially children get lost and cannot find their families.


We have developed a wayfinding system together with local authorities and foundations. The system was envisioned as following

  • Fun and easy to understand
  • Recognizable from a distance
  • Animals suitable for every culture
  • Translations to add a learning element


Designer Eva friend of Because We Carry drew the animals to be brave, fun and cool.