Leerfabriek KVL

A temporary wayfinding system for a area in development.

Example of signs for Leerfabriek KVL wayfinding


From a deserted spot, Leerfabriek KVL is now a lively and unique hotspot for Oisterwijk and its surroundings. Approximately 60 companies work there and daily 500 visitors. A unique and creative spot that requires a clear and easy to manage wayfinding system.


The area is in development, which requires a flexible wayfinding system, with the following recommendations;

  • Local and recognizable look and feel
  • Emphasizing the natural flow through the area
  • User-centered design focused on the end user
  • Holistic approach, unambiguous communication
  • Expandable without compromising the wayfinding system
  • Easy to update by local manufacturer


The wayfinding proces includes to connect users to the area.

  • Identify area and parking facilities
  • Unified wayfinding across the area
  • Building identification and tenant information
  • Inside the buildings towards tentant

Wayfinding Maps

Due the fact the area is in development, mapping services are not up-to-date. We developed a mapping system for the area, which can be updated by the facility manager. A quick and easy solution to a fast changing environment.

The wayfinding system connect the area, building, entrances and tenants.

Close up detail of wayfinding map design for Leerfabriek KVL

Product design

The products characteristics by a simple design consisting of just black recycled wooden bars with printed front and backside. A easy to install, update and/or re-install of the products makes this a flexible wayfinding system for a area in development.