Waddinxveen Gouweplein

City wayfinding focused on discovery of the city center with a focus on shopping, leisure and retail

Experience the city center of Waddixveen.

A wayfinding system based on discovery and shopping experience.

A clear and concise wayfinding system for regular and first-time visitors to the city center. Focused on showing relevant information about the city center, including 'things to do' and shopping information.

The design and form factor resonates in the environment, making the information elements stand out and providing the right information and the right time. At large square, bigger elements show information about the city center. At street level, smaller information elements show relevant information about the surroundings.


A connecting information network to show relevant information about the surroundings. Every information element consists of the following parts;

  • Where am I?
  • Where can I go to?
  • What can I discover?
  • Map based

The wayfinding system is based on user-focused rotated wayfinding maps. The map shows relevant information about what to discover in the area as well as detailed information about shopping in Waddinxveen.

City Wayfinding

A clear and concise city wayfinding system, focused on discovery and shopping details in the city center of Waddinxveen.