Piktogramme und Icons

Piktogramme und Icons an extensive book about pictograms and icons, by Abdullah Rayan. Pictograms and Icons are a universal language to communicate.

Piktogramme und Icons

What is the difference between pictograms and icons?

  • Icons are used in a broader sense that can have a free artistic look and feel. For example UI Material Icons represent the various functionalities of an App.
  • Pictograms are usually a more simplified version of an icon, which represents for instance a common sense such as toilets, airplane, arrows etc.

The book Piktogramme und Icons is written in German. Don’t let this stop you, because this book is a full on guide on how to design pictograms and icons. Filled with countless examples the book represents everything to learn about pictograms and icons.

Visual language

A single pictogram or icon could represent a single form of communication. A set of pictograms and icons could represent a cross-cultural form of communication. Pictograms and icons are increasingly taking the place of national language communication or supplementing it.

As seen during Covid-19 pandemic, the use of pictograms have been critical to quickly understand what is required and how to navigate.


The book explains on how to get started in pictogram design. Every step of the proces is described:

  • Sketching, the rough outline of the pictogram/icon
  • What are the characteristics and intention
  • How to use a grid design
  • About reading distance, line-width
  • Positive and negative lines and shapes
  • How to design meaningful visual elements universally understood


The books is filled with countless examples and inspiration designs.

  • Vehicle, transport and road pictograms
  • Airport pictograms, icons
  • Healthcare pictograms
  • Olympic games icons
  • Universal used pictograms and icons
  • and many more

The clear explanation on how to design a pictogram, combined with the many examples makes this book a must-have for any pictogram designer.


Rayan Abdullah and Roger Hübner lay the foundations for designing unambiguous and simple but not banal sign languages ​​with their standard work, which competently illuminates and consequently explores theory and practice, development and commercialization, the multifaceted nature and future of a language without words: from the toilet sign to the escape route, Prohibition sign to the guidance system, from waste separation to the Olympics. 2D, 3D and on the web.

Unfortunately the book is mostly out of stock. You can search Amazon and the secondary market to get your hands on this amazing book.


  • Publisher: Schmidt Hermann Verlag
  • Language: German
  • ISBN: 3874396495
  • Hardcover, paperback

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