Google Amsterdam

A sign and wayfinding system for Google Amsterdam.

Google Doodle

We have designed Doodle logos for Google Headquarters Amsterdam. The Doodle logo is a variant of the Google logo with a local or specific theme. The Doodle has a story that has a link with Dutch themes and topics that have an impact on humanity.

The Doodle logos are the main identity in the head office and guide as inspiration for employees and visitors at Google.

Google is one of the largest tech companies in the world. The people who work at Google (Googlers) create services that impact the lives of people who use Google products. Within the design, we have tried to give direction to thinking and circular thinking on a subconscious level. The starting point is; if the logo makes even a small impact on the work of an individual Googler, this can have a major effect on the people who ultimately use Google products.

The Doodle logo designs contribute to thinking about change. The transformation to thinking and circular thoughts is a source of inspiration when you see the design in space.

The intention of the design is rethinking and circular thinking with a great impact. All parts of the design are thought out in detail in one manifestation in which identity, self-worth and reflection play a role.